Breathing is Free Concept:

Running has been a part of many aspects of human existence. We have run to hunt, to fight, to compete, to conquer, to condition, to escape, to survive, to move, to migrate… Inevitably, it is a given power of humanity, a force invisible as potential energy in coal. We possess the vitality to initiate such mark of footsteps. Breathing is Free: 12,756.3 is culmination of artist’s memorial projects to date to challenge his own mind and physique to discuss layers of ideas through the action of repetitive foot strikes, running. As a form of memorial, as so many refugees had and are running away from their homes for better life and sometimes for mere survival, the artist’s running, his experience and struggle sets the backdrop for this long term project.
An ongoing project to last approximately 8 to 10 years, Breathing is Free: 12,756.3 is series of projects where the artist attempts to run the distance of 12,756.3 km (the diameter of the earth), the shortest distance to the other side of the planet.
<blockquote>"It is my reflection and offering to the refugees whose lives are to run or to perish. And this is what I see as the desire of refugees running from their circumstances; they want to be on the ‘other side’ instead."</blockquote>
The running is a combination of breathing pattern, physical capacity, and mental control. It becomes more difficult as one runs longer and further. The only element left is the runner’s mental state to keep moving. The struggle is evident in artist’s expression and gesture as he runs longer. Recorded data of distance and location via GPS device becomes elements of actual situation to discuss refugees’ hardship. It is conceptual yet physical; a struggle, not a performance.